Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunshine Sunday

Wow - been a long time since I blogged! We shot nights for the last couple of weeks! It just goes by in a blur! But such a fun time!

Shooting is wrapped! Back in LA - still haven't unpacked everything...

Now what? Very confusing time. Taiwan directing deal is here and on the table! Yay! Another kick ass film also hovering on the sidelines...been in a couple of meetings with the director and team...

Some other cool projects have popped up too. Must be getting busy out there! So for the moment, just regrouping in LA and then will land...somewhere...

Will post as soon as I know!

BTW - just saw Inglorious Basterds last night - WOW! Haven't enjoyed a film so much since...I guess Pulp Fiction! Quentin rocks. He is for sure my #1 favorite director! The Kill Bills rocked too...his films are perfection and so twisted!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Yaaawwwnnnn. Worked all night - went to bed at 7:30am this just got up at about 4:00p!

I really don't mind working nights. Plus last night we shot a bad ass explosion at a power plant. It was HUGE! And the actors were running in front of it!

They looked pretty darn nervous as we had the safety meeting and the crew was told they had to stand way, way, way far back from the pyro because it wasn't safe to be any closer - which of course left the 3 actos asking, "But what about us...????"

Anyway - it all went well and looked fucking cool! So what more can you ask for if you are working all night?

Not going to set until about 11:00p tonight - even though crew call is at 7p. No vfx until later - in fact, just some monitor comps. So, if shouldn't be a whole night for me. Good day to be part of the vfx dept...