Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Technical Tuesday

What happened to monday? Well, lots of meetings about what we need. We are shooting with the Red Cameras - so we deliberated about whether to use digital blue or chroma blue...finally, we settled on chroma blue because all our bluescreens are going to be in bright sunshine - so the darker chroma blue will actually be better and not so faded when shooting.

Then, the next realization: my usual use of grip tape to mark up the process screens is simply not going to cut it in this heat! The tape will melt and just peel off. The answer? Velcro! I'm getting male velcro with a sticky side. I will cut into 6" strips and the male side will stick to the fuzzy chroma blue material. Then, on the black sticky side that will now be facing outwards - I will tape green 1" grip tape. Cool! I can mark it all up ahead of time and not think about it ever again. I like that.

Okay - today - tuesday. Last full production meeting with all the heads of dept. to go through the entire film. Was productive and faster than expected. At this point, we all know eachother and have had all the side bar conversations (well, not all). After the meeting, the rest of the day was spent in more sidebars with art dept, special fx, gaffers, grips, etc...

Awesome crew! Everyone very helpful and agreeable. Makes a big difference when you don't have to deal with any big egos or attitudes. Just feels like a professional group of people all trying to make a cool film and support the director - which is really all it's supposed to be about in the first place!

Rest of the day was spent updating the vfx breakdown per the tech scout and production meetings...

Okay - tomorrow, I scout for cliff locations to use for the CG cliff we have to build...cool. Will be nice to get out of the office and see some scenice stuff down here!

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