Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wandering Wednesday!

Went on a scout today with one of the location scouts. Cool! A private tour of all the awesome cliffs in New Mexico! I was searching for the "perfect" set of cliffs to lidar and photograph for the 3D cliffs we have to create.

Went to an navaho reservervation and had to wait around for a while for the pres/chief to come down to the office and ok letting us in. Then went driving down lots of dirt roads checking out cliffs. They were perfect! And they allow good access for lidar and photographing. Cool!

This took most of the day. Wrapped up and drove back to Albuquerque, had some lunch and then back to the production office for some meetings.

First up - the miniature meeting. Had the guys there that will build it and all the keys who have input - director, dp, production designer, sfx sup, line producer, gaffer and moi! Good meeting and a good plan in place! Lots of big explosions coming our way!

Then the Pagoda meeting...more chat and debate and chat and debate and then finally settle on a plan. All good and great to get all they keys in the same room and to agree on a plan. Unlike some productions in which no meetings are ever planned and everyone tries to get info by osmosis! Much prefer a production that believes in communciation!

Also got to "officially" award the project to the vfx house we've wanted to award to the whole time. Just lots of politics and money stuff to deal with first. But now it's all groovy and all in place!

Then off to some dinner - a quick bite at one of the local places everyone said was good - and they did not lie!

Now I blog and then go to bed!

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