Thursday, July 16, 2009

Great Week!

Came back from a scout in Albuquerque. Shoot is 3 weeks away. Should be a blast - crew is awesome and script is f**king hysterical!

Find out in the next couple of weeks if I get to direct a full cg piece in Asia...would be rad!

Dinner with a talented group of creatives/producers...let's get a piece of that outsourcing pie! Why not? Everyone else is. It's all about globalization and since I love travel - I am happy to travel wherever the work wants to go!

Had lunch today with a really cool producer/friend. Awesome guy. Need more producers like him!

Busy wrapping up a vfx breakdown to send out for bids...and the big question...can they do the work for the money we have? Or is it the usual - our appetites are too bid for our budget! DOH! But I think we can pull this one off...

That's about it

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