Monday, July 27, 2009

Monkey Business Monday!

Weird day.

First, I was told that the film I'm consulting for is on hold. And, I was also told, on the same phone cal, that it may be off hold as early as tomorrow - so I need to be ready to fly as early as wednesday...!!

Huh? Damn this town is weird! Hard to get any films going - never mind actually keep them going!

Then, the guy that called me about directing a spot in Dubai never answered my agent. He tried and tried and tried to force me to talk and commit to money over the weekend. I just kept saying that he had to deal with my agent for anything related to money and the deal terms.

So, an agent scared him off I guess! And what does that tell you about the honest intentions of someone who runs away when they find out they have to be legit and talk to an agent and deal with guarantees and up front payments, etc.?

Ha! Good to have the agent as a buffer against the shady ones out there! Mucho better not to deal with it!

Also got an email that the directing gig in Asia is a go...just nailing down the budget I guess and will be picking up where we left off with my deal again to wrap things up. At least these guys have no problems dealing with agents! :-)

Interesting day. I feel like a clap on/clap off light system. Project On! Project Off!


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