Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Touring Tuesday

Visited 2 more vfx houses today - always nice to find new companies to do work with!

One of the houses wins hands down for the funkiest and coolest digs! Sweet! If you gotta work, at least let it be in groovy surroundings!

Got a first bid back...and it fits within our budget. Phew!

Got an email saying that the full cg project I'm attached to direct is an "unofficial go." That's cool - but I would prefer the "official go."
But it's getting closer and looks like it might actually happen. Cool Beans!

Now home and surfing the web - all the usual suspects - facebook, imdb, hollywood reporter, variety, cnn, twitter, blogs, and on and on...what did we do with all that extra time we had before we got attached to our laptops, iphones, palm pilots, nintendo ds and playstation psp? Damn - must have had a lot of free time...seems like a long, long time ago...

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