Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello Monday!

Day began with an 8am conference call with the director and all heads of dept...and it lasted until 2p! My damn headset couldn't pick up everyone on such a large conference call so I had to hold the stupid phone to my ear for 6 hours! Ow! But - it was productive...just not so productive for my ear, neck and arms that had to take turns holding the phone while I attempted to type in notes on my laptop!

Then went to a really great fx house I have never visited before! I LOVE boutiques! They are so flexible and cool to work with! Went over the breakdown with these guys and we were on the same page right from the get go. Would be nice to work these guys for sure! Very nice demo reel...

Then came home and posted an updated vfx breakdown for the vendors to bid on - had the changes from this morning's conference call in it.

And, I finally made a decision about whether to use a miniature or go full CG! For this one - a miniature and some CG enhancements will serve our budget the best! Too bad - fun to blow things up in full CG! But it's also cool to blow up miniatures out in the desert! So, either way it was going to be fun!

That's about it for now!

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