Saturday, July 25, 2009

Slacking Saturday?

No slacking on this saturday! All work work work today!

Was woken at 8am by the director of the film I'm consulting on. Just to chat about stuff. He's a cool guy. Can't wait to shoot on location with him!

Then, due to my own procrastination, I had to dive into writing my chapter on data acquisition for the VES handbook. I wrote my postvis chapter long ago - but for some reason, this second chapter kept getting put aside for other things!

So -write, write write.

Happily, I was interrupted by a phone call about my availability to direct a commercial in Dubai! Cool beans! Don't know if it will happen or when....hope it doesn't cut right into my shooting time on the other film...

Okay, then back to writing. And that is all I've been doing and am still doing. It's 5p and I will be looking to a cocktail at around 6p to ease the pain of thinking about data acquistion! Then friends over at 7p.

All good - except that means I won't finish my chapter today - and now it has to spill into sunday as it's due on monday! And once monday hits - all kinds of other "priorities" rear their ugly head!

Oy. So much for procrastination. It gets you no where!

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